random fact about me


Jadi, berhubung saia pengen menulis random fact,,tapi kalo disengaja mikir itu suka lupa-lupa,,

maka begitu inget satu hal, mari langsung ditulis di sini. Random fact itu lucu juga sepertinya,, tar kalo uda banyak bisa membandingkan diri kita yang sekarang dengan di masa lalu (ayey,,bahasa saia euy). start ==>

  • i don’t like making a note of something i don’t understand (-.-;)
  • maybe it will be very fun to have a twin sister, but perhaps i’ll find it strange to see someone having the same face as me (but,,it’s like i wanna feel it once,, <変なこと?>)
  • i like green and brown, i like vanilla, but the windy blue sky seen from beside the sea is also preffered
  • i had ever thought that it was an impossible thing for me to become fattier (than me at that time (es-de)), but it was wrong (T.T)
  • somehow i think that february 17 is sweeter than any other date, even compared with february 14,,, so many things in this world are to meet 17,, hehe :p ,,
  • i don’t like to be seemed pitiful,, let me cry alone,,therefore i like bathroom n toilet

if anyone find a weird thing of me, feel free and don’t be hesitate to write down your idea below (in comment box). it is a pleasent thing to know that from you ❤ ❤ ^^v . i’m also going to update this post as soon as i find more facts.




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