personality test 2009/2/27

LutpHi is a fact finder and does things “by the book”. She can be sensitive if others are being critical of her work, especially if they have not carefully reviewed all the data. LutpHi clarifies expectations before undertaking new projects, and she works hard to meet standards. LutpHi will typically maintain a neat and orderly work environment.

A loyal friend, LutpHi is patient and caring when attending to the needs of others. She is usually an even-paced individual who thrives in a peaceful, harmonious environment. She tends to be quite predictable, sticking with proven, reliable methods of dealing with situations rather than taking chances with a new, unproven approach.

A warm, outgoing person, LutpHi enjoys having a high level of interaction with others. She usually finds the “silver lining” in a difficult situation, and typically enjoys the thrill of trying new things. She has a gift for influencing those around her and is viewed as an instinctive communicator. Others find LutpHi easy to approach and enjoy her easy, open rapport.

LutpHi would prefer things stay the same, rather than to risk a new venture (unless it is proven and true). She is typically peaceful and low key, and is usually seen by those around her as a good friend and listener. She tends to adopt a “wait and see” attitude about things, rather than taking charge of a situation, usually preferring to let others take the lead.



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